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Welcome to Mountain Chapel

We believe God will comfort, guide, and forgive every person, no matter who they are or what they’ve done. He does this through reconciliation with humans as the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As the Father, God is the sovereign creator and ruler of the universe. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was both man and God’s Son, and without sin, humans are offered freely the gift of salvation and eternal life. After receiving salvation, the Holy Spirit is a “Counselor” and “Helper” in our faith journey.


We have good news!  The Alabama Department of Public Health has determined the risk for COVID spread in Jefferson County has moved from Very High risk, to High risk, to Moderate risk.  In light of this, we are going to begin our return to corporate worship.  We will start an outdoor worship gathering on August 16 at 8:00 a.m.  The service will be held in the parking lot between the Chapel and the Sanctuary. There will be people to guide you in where to park and, if desired, where to put a lawn chair in the grass.  If you plan to use a lawn chair or use one we provide, you may consider a sun umbrella and a hand held fan.  Please be assured that this is a transitional step towards worshiping in the gym with multiple services and eventually the joy of returning to our Sanctuary!

Doing the outdoor service is safer than indoors and also gives us an option later on if the numbers were to spike in a bad direction.  I do not anticipate we would plan on suspending in person worship again unless we have an outbreak within the church or government requirements make it impossible.

Here are our guidelines for Sunday:
· We will maintain social distancing at all times.

· We will wear a mask any time we leave our vehicles.  If we sit in the lawn chair, we will wear a mask.
· The church building will only be open for use of the facilities.  We will maintain social distancing in the building as well as wear a mask.

· We will post our worship service on Facebook as usual though it may be a bit later than usual.  Soon we will be live streaming the service as we acquire the necessary equipment. Thanks to those who gave to these purchases, volunteered their time and to the North Alabama Conference for a $3,000 grant for this purpose! 

If you are vulnerable, that is, over the age of 65; or if you have a serious health condition, we urge you to ask your physician about attending.  We will offer our online service from here on out and feel God is present as we worship him wherever we are. The church has always said attendance in worship is strongly encouraged 
unless you are prevented.  Health issues or a personal sense of your or your family’s well-being constitutes being “providentially hindered” from attendance.  Pray and listen to your own instinct and the advice of health care professionals.

This is a time that requires perseverance, patience and courage on our part.  We are confident that God will direct our paths and use this time to advance the Kingdom of Jesus.  Pray!
In Christ,



Latest News

  • April 1, 2020

    COVID-19 Update

    Friends, due to the threat of the corona virus, Mountain Chapel has suspended all in-person worship and programming.  We are working to continue much of the church’s ministries via online platforms, such as Facebook, Realm and Zoom.  Please see the church’s Facebook page for regular updates, worship and studies.  Thank you for your prayers and patience.

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